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Specializing in Industrial Projects related to power energy, mining, hydro and wind power, energy and heavy equipment.

Diesel Power Plant for the Mine Doña Ines de Collahuasi at 4.300 m above sea level.

UTC Overseas along with their European Partners, transported 4 x 163 mt engines from Germany to Chile. During the first phase of the Project, these were placed onto the plant foundation. The following year during the second phase, also executed by UTC Overseas, 2 engines of 220 mt each were delivered.

Thermoelectric Plant in Tierra Amarilla (Copiapó)

UTC Overseas in conjunction with their European Partners, was commissioned to transport a 226mt generator and a 187 mt turbine. This equipment was delivered to the job site and laid down on the foundations for a new plant under construction. These units were transshipped from barge onto ocean vessel in Hamburg

Mejillones Port to Güemes / Salta Region (North of Argentina)

UTC Overseas Projects Division in Houston,TX, in combination with UTC Overeas Chile, was entrusted with the execution of this very difficult transport crossing the Andes at 5.100 m above sea level. The turbine base was 176 mt. The distance between Mejillones and Güemes is 920 km and it took 42 days to complete the job. Due to severe weather conditions during the rainy season, also known as the the ‘Bolivian Summer’, 7 bypasses were constructed to allow trucks to cross critical bridges en route to the job site.