Oil & Gas

The location of petroleum reserves effectively dictates where you operate. That often means transporting equipment, rigs and resources to remote and challenging locations. UTC Overseas has the expertise to get the job done, developed from years of project cargo logistics work in such diverse fields as power generation and distribution, mining, industrial and manufacturing production, and oil and gas.

UTC Overseas Inc.’s Project Cargo Division staff have years of hands-on experience in the handling of oil and gas equipment, ranging from management of site lay-down areas to multi-mode transport of everything from offshore platform components to 100-ton continuous flight auger rigs.

As with much of our project cargo work, we encourage customers to involve us as early as possible in the planning process. Doing so often helps us find cost-effective solutions to the challenges of moving equipment to sites for set up and installation. It also helps us identify potential obstacles along the transport route and develop plans for dealing with each of them.

As one example, one of our Project Managers was tasked with moving a mega-lift crane to a drill site lay-down area in the U.S. Gulf. Looking at the proposal, he responded with an alternate plan…..”We’ll manage the entire lay-down site and save you money by moving the crane directly to where it will be used rather than staging it first at the lay-down.” The change resulted in substantial savings for the customer including a smaller lay-down site and a shorter crane lease contract.

Working with UTC Overseas, you get the kind of skilled, experienced hands-on service you need and expect. Our engineering support staff and our managers pride themselves on working directly with you, making sure our part of the task is handled efficiently, professionally, on time and on budget. Best of all, we shorten the lines of communication and decision making, giving us far greater flexibility in responding to the kinds of challenges we both deal with every day.

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