Mining & Construction

In mining, economies of scale are crucial to economic sustainability. But that drive for scale, when translated to mining, also presents a challenge for transport logistics. Mining design engineers want to make components as big as possible, but project cargo logistics experts like UTC know that the larger the piece, the greater the challenges…and the cost of getting each unit to its final destination.

And since mine locations are dictated by nature, that end destination is often difficult to reach….in areas with limited port and road infrastructures, harsh climates, and mountainous terrain.

With years of experience in serving such related fields as oil and gas, power generation and distribution, and industrial and manufacturing sectors, UTC Overseas Inc.’s Project Cargo experts have the expertise and resources to meet the special challenges of mining transport logistics.

UTC maintains a global network of regional offices with small teams of professionals. We commonly send project teams, staffed by experts from multiple offices to provide the level of hands-on service at the project site that you demand. That enables us to shorten lines of communication and decision-making, and respond rapidly and professionally to challenges as they arise.

As with most of the sectors we serve, we encourage customers to begin working with us as early in the life-cycle of the project as possible -- whether it be delivery of components to upgrade an existing mine or processing site, or installation of an entirely new facility. That helps incorporate design elements that anticipate potential transport logistical challenges en-route….changing a weight and size factor just slightly to meet weight limits and/or clearances, and allowing the use of more cost-effective transport resources.

We survey every aspect of the planned move from beginning to end, and develop a highly detailed plan of action to resolve all identified challenges: full or partial vessel charters; customs clearances; channel depths; crane and pier capacities; clearances at terminal gates, through tunnels and over bridges; access to road or rail; engineering studies, where needed, of bridges and culverts; dealings with local, regional, state and federal agencies to obtain all permits, clearances and time windows for heavy moves on public roads; and engaging qualified third-party providers for everything from manpower, equipment, rigging to unique heavy lifting and/or transport units.

It is work that demands a wide range of engineering, communication, and people skills and intense attention to detail. It is the work we do every day, around the globe, for customers like you.