Packaging Equipment

UTC Overseas, Inc. is the Industry Leader in the transportation and handling of beverage, aluminum can, and related cargo worldwide. With 3 decades of experience, we have earned the distinction as the #1 freight forwarder committed to the beverage industry.

Your single source logistic provider specializing in door-to-door transport of turn key projects, UTC Packaging’s mission is to anticipate our customers’ needs, offer exceptional value, and operate efficiently to deliver a reliable experience.

Your vision is our vision and every action we take reflects that standard.

  • Strong partnerships with large OEM’s and clients  across all manufacturing sectors
  • Excellent operational performance in emerging markets with shipments to over 40 countries
  • Vetted network of 3rd  party service providers with specialized equipment and proven technical expertise
  • Use of tech-enabled solutions to track and trace cargo
  • Environmental focus on shipping sustainable materials
  • Ensure trade compliance with all local and international safety laws and regulations.

UTC offers door-to-door, one point of contact, single-source solutions to expedite shipments and streamline communications. With a proven track record serving the aluminum can industry, there is no better choice than UTC with experienced and committed personnel to provide expertise every step of the way!

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