UTC can get it there on time and within your budget

When time counts, you can count on UTC to get your shipment there on time. Our team of experts can arrange air service anywhere in the world and can offer 24 hour service or several day options depending on your needs. We arrange charter aircrafts for those special deliveries and are regarded as a global leader in shipping time sensitive cargo to remote locations. When the job is big, we use Boeing 747 Nose Loaders and the world’s largest commercial cargo plane, the Antonov.

Our experienced professionals offer their unparalleled expertise in air shipments which translates into ideal solutions for all of your cargo. UTC experts have detailed knowledge of aircraft dimensions and capacities, and are well versed in country laws and regulations.

Achieving your business objectives is just as important to us as it is to you. We provide global coverage through our extensive network of wholly owned offices while offering total visibility to track your shipment door-to-door.

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