Customs Brokerage

Importing has never been more complex than it is today. At UTC our professional Licensed Customs Brokers and staff are dedicated to assisting your company navigate through U.S. Customs regulatory requirements, minimizing delays and maximizing compliance within your supply chain.

We tailor our services to our client’s needs, so whether your company is large or small, we understand that what makes your business or industry unique requires a customized approach to the services we provide.

UTC is committed to this standard and every process reflects that promise

From your supplier’s to your customer’s door, we are able to provide the following services to our customers
  • Import Rate Quotations from anywhere in the world
  • Point-to-Point Transportation
  • ABI and ACE Entry Processing
  • Real Time Tracking and Tracing Customs
  • Transparency
  • Importer Security Filings (10 + 2)
  • Insurance
    - U.S. Customs Bonds
    - Marine Insurance
    - Regulatory Defense Insurance
  • ATA Carnets
  • Cross Border Transactions (Mexico/Canada)
  • Duty Drawback
  • Warehouse
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Reconciliation
  • Binding Rulings
  • Research and Compliance Consulting
  • Seminars