Heavy Equipment


UTC's Heavy Equipment Division offers a comprehensive range of logistics services from factory-to-foundation and beyond.

Construction & Infrastructure

Construction & Infrastructure

Specializing in construction, crane and lifting, dredging, drilling, pipeline construction, tunneling, road and rail track building, and material handling and processing.


We work with open pit and underground mining industries, move dump trucks, excavators, conveyor systems, hydraulic and rope shovels, loaders and feeders, exploration and drilling equipment, mineral processing plants, and more.

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Marine & Shipbuilding

We help marine-related fields including shipbuilding and shipyard industries, move equipment for ports and port technology, ship operating, ship fittings, cargo handling, marine technology, propulsion systems, and more.

Commercial Vehicles

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Agriculture & Forestry

In this field, we focus on equipment for biofuel technology, forestry, fertilizing, drilling, harvesting, irrigation and drainage, plant protection, soil working, plus transport technology, tractors, and loading machines

Used Equipment

In addition to working with original manufacturers, we also offer buyers and sellers of pre-owned heavy equipment from a wide variety of industries our logistics services.

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