Offering freight forwarding solutions including warehousing, projects and heavy/oversized multi-modal transportation. Coverage includes, but is not limited to, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Ukraine.
Specializing in Industrial Projects related to power generation, hydro, wind, mining and heavy equipment

Power Generation Units

Units were disassembled, packed in crates and transported via road, river barge and transshipped at sea. Shipment contained 12 units weighing 300 tons and was transported in 6 lots.

Mobile Power Generation Set

This project utilized road, river and ocean transport modes. Twenty units were disassembled and packed in crates for shipment. Total weight was 173 tons with the largest unit measuring 20.32 m x 3.38 m x 4.32 m and weighing 88 tons.

Generator Shell

First phase of this project began in 2011 with additional phases to be completed in 2012. Generator weighed 39 tons and measured 9.25 m x 4.21 m x 3.47 m. Unit was transported via truck.