Traveling over city roads or through tough terrain, UTC can move your inland freight anywhere in the world, under any conditions. Whether you are transporting FCL, LTL, FTL or heavy haul, over dimensional cargo, we will review all of your needs and develop a customized plan that offers solutions to get your shipment to its final destination on-time and within budget.

As a full service NVOCC, you can rest assured that UTC will always negotiate rates that offer you the best value available. We will obtain necessary permits and clearances, coordinate support services even providing escorts where necessary, and comply with all regulatory codes and standards.

For those large scale industrial projects, our Project Team has the experience and expertise to handle even the most complex jobs. They will match transportation resources with your needs from regular trucks to specialized multi-axle, articulated, air ride and hydraulic heavy haul equipment. They can also select the correct rail car employing heavy duty, multi axle, or Schnabel cars and secure barge services for large, heavy cargo moving to inland destinations.

UTC knows that service interruptions are costly to your business, so whatever your needs are, we will be on hand 24 / 7 with reliable service and expert advice to keep your shipments moving safely