Monitoring your supply chain in real-time is critical to your decision making in your day-to-day business. UTC Overseas is aware of how important this is and provides visibility for your shipments 24/7 with our state-of-the-art Track and Trace system. You will know the exact status of your cargo from the time you place the purchase order to the time your shipment is delivered. Our sophisticated system lets you monitor shipments globally in real time.

You will always have quick and easy access to your shipment data. Communications from all parties involved in the process are available so you can monitor pick-up and delivery times to help in planning your schedule. Connecting from UTC’s website is easy using the link located at the bottom of this page and on our home page. Track and Trace is also available in multiple languages to facilitate international communications.

Valuable reports can be quickly accessed and also customized to include the critical data that you need. Track and Trace provides a snapshot of your shipments with the ability to drill down to find more detailed information. All documents are stored in one place for your reference and can be printed on the spot to save you time.

So when real time updates are critical to your operations, UTC‘s Track and Trace provides ease of use and quick turnaround to keep you informed. We make it our top priority to help you operate and manage your business efficiently at all times